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LayoutPress 1.3

In our biggest update to date, LayoutPress 1.3 is packed with bug fixes, formatting fixes, framework updates and a partial rewrite to increase compatibility with third party widgets. In addition, the new LP Editor widget was added, which provides a WYSIWYG editor for adding and formatting text, HTML or PHP.


  • Fixed how widgets are generated by using WordPress widget function instead, making it more compatible with third party widgets.
  • Added extra WordPress widget hooks to help resolve potential issues with widgets that load their own scripts using standard WordPress method.
  • Fixed bug where widget “Save” button doesn’t work in latest WordPress version.
  • Removed the post pagination heading on static pages.
  • Added title to search results page.
  • Added title to archive page.
  • Fixed bug where post thumbnails weren’t displaying.
  • Added LP Editor widget, a WYSIWYG editor for text, HTML or PHP.
  • Updated Bootstrap to version 3.3.5.
  • Updated jQuery to version 1.11.3.


Up to WordPress 4.3

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