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Introducing the LP Editor Widget

In the recent release of LayoutPress 1.3, one of the biggest features added was the LP Editor widget, a WYSIWYG editor to add and format plain text, HTML or PHP.

This editor is based on the popular CKEditor and allows you to easily add content in LayoutPress with common word processor features and without any HTML knowledge. The content that you add is automatically converted to HTML, which can be edited by clicking the Source button in the editor toolbar. It also supports PHP, making it a powerful alternative to the LP Code widget.

layoutpress-lp-editor-widgetTo use LP Editor:

  1. Click on the widget title bar to expand the widget’s interface.
  2. Under Widget Class, enter the class of the widget (if desired).
  3. Under Title, enter the title of the slide (if desired).
  4. Under Content, enter the desired content inside the editor.
  5. Click Save to save the widget’s customization.

For more information on how to use the editor, please visit

LayoutPress 1.3

In our biggest update to date, LayoutPress 1.3 is packed with bug fixes, formatting fixes, framework updates and a partial rewrite to increase compatibility with third party widgets. In addition, the new LP Editor widget was added, which provides a WYSIWYG editor for adding and formatting text, HTML or PHP.


  • Fixed how widgets are generated by using WordPress widget function instead, making it more compatible with third party widgets.
  • Added extra WordPress widget hooks to help resolve potential issues with widgets that load their own scripts using standard WordPress method.
  • Fixed bug where widget “Save” button doesn’t work in latest WordPress version.
  • Removed the post pagination heading on static pages.
  • Added title to search results page.
  • Added title to archive page.
  • Fixed bug where post thumbnails weren’t displaying.
  • Added LP Editor widget, a WYSIWYG editor for text, HTML or PHP.
  • Updated Bootstrap to version 3.3.5.
  • Updated jQuery to version 1.11.3.


Up to WordPress 4.3


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